Flooding in southern West Virginia

How you can respond


From Community Lutheran Partners: 

A few reminders: NO CLOTHES!!! If you have donations of bedding, please hold onto them. As soon as there is room in the warehouses for these items, Sherri will let you know. Financial donations are still the preferred method of giving. We are able to direct the funds to the areas of need. Financial donations are most appreciated because they don't take up much needed warehouse space, they don't require volutneers in a donation warehouse to manage them and they support the local economy when we purchase items from stores in the affected areas. Again, you can donate atclp-online.org by clicking on the PayPal button or mailing them to CLP, PO Box 3054, Wheeling WV 26003. 




Mission Teams

 Following is the process to follow for volunteering:


MAKE SURE YOUR TETANUS SHOT IS UP TO DATE. (You need to have received a tetanus shot within the last 10 years for it to be considered up to date.)


1. Register through volunteerwv.org ( direct link to form https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/16Floods )

2. Send the name, phone number, and address of the team leader and volunteers to clp@clp-online.org

3. Sherri (CLP) will submit your email address to crisis clean up and you will receive an email from them inviting you to register. Once you register, click on map and then click on the magnifying glass over WV. Each flame is a job site. You can "claim" a site when you know the exact dates and your team's skill sets.

4. In case there are issues with crisis clean-up, please email the following information to Sherri: Indicate what type of work you are interested in performing...administrative, spiritual care (must be ordained pastor in ELCA for me to recommend), mucking out, rebuilding, etc,; provide the exact dates that you are available; In what area of the state do you want to focus your volunteer efforts

5. Once you have registered through crisis clean-up and claimed your site, please email the site location and dates to Sherri and let her know if you need any additional assistance




June 27, 2016 - 6pm Update

The repeating theme we keep hearing is patience. We are so grateful that so many people want to help. The scenes we keep seeing on the news are heartbreaking. We want to make the pain go away now. And we will. Maybe we won't make the pain go away comletely, but over the next months and possibly even years, we will help the people of southern WV rebuild their lives. (Unfortunately, more flooding occured today in Lincoln County and as the conference call was taking place, more swift water rescues were underway.)

Just to give an example of the task ahead of us and why this is a marathon not a sprint...Kanawha is reporting 400 homes destroyed, 200-300 with major damage, and 200 with minor damage. Seventy business have been damaged and 1/4 of then are not expected to reopen. This is just one of the 44 counties that were included in the state of emergency. Numbers like this also remind us that the people affected need our continued prayers as well as our financial and physical help.

Currently there are over 1200 people in 8 Red Cross assisted shelters. There are many more in independent shelters from which we don't have numbers. Over 4200 meals and 6000 snacks were served today by the Salvation Army.

Supplies are pouring into the area and they are greatly appreciated. As they are depleted our collections will replenish the diminishing supplies. We will continue to collect Phase 1 donations (see post below) at St. Mark until July 10. If there are other churches participating in donation collections, please let Sherri know so she can help you get the word out.

As you put your disaster team together and decide on the date that you will be heading into the disaster area, send Sherri your email (clp@clp-online.org) and she will add you to a site called Crisis clean-up. Each team can go online and view the available mission sites so they can choose the one that best fits their team's skill set.

If you are ordained clergy and have a few days this summer, please consider serving on the spiritual and emotional crisis team that the WV Council of Churches is coordinating. Again, to volunteer for this opportunity to share God's love with others in their time of need, please contact Sherri.


The Rt. Rev. Matthew Lynn Riegel, S.T.M.
West Virginia-Western Maryland Synod, ELCA